Downsizing in Retirement

Retirement is exciting and exhausting at the same time. It is a huge financial event that changes your lifestyle to a great extent. Most people want to live luxurious life after retirement and invest in buying bigger houses and cars while some people prefer downsizing. Downsizing is a good strategy for retirement especially if you have not saved enough to maintain an expensive lifestyle.

You need to set goals for yourself both financial goals and lifestyle goals. For example, you need to control how much money you need and how much you should save. Relocation is not an easy task but when downsizing you need to keep your priorities in mind. If you are moving to a new minimalistic place you should be aware of healthcare and senior services, weather, activities, and living costs of the place.

Insurance during retirement is especially helpful. Medicare will pay most of your bills, but enrolling in an Aetna Medicare supplement is also a good idea.

When a person retires, they have a lot of time on their hands. They can use this time in a positive manner and prioritize their activities and get rid of anything that may be bringing them down. One can downsize and make use of the extra time to socialize, make new relations or learn new skills.


The first thing that should be done when downsizing is to make a list of all the things a person owns. With the help of this record, the individual will be able to easily identify those things which are important and which can be removed from life. This will help set the goals for the future as well.

Setting future goals in terms of financial and non-financial activities will help improve the lifestyle as well. Improvements will also prove to be beneficial as it may help heal old relations which have been lost due to the time-consuming work. Downsizing will also help the retirees make time for travel, family, investments etc. However, it is necessary that if the retiree is trying to downsize as soon as they retire, they may need to be careful and take a thorough look at all the important things especially the money matters. For example, when making investments, a person should consider the medical insurances as well as they will be used for health-care emergencies. Therefore, it would be best to make comparisons of these policies such as the Medicare Supplement Plans for 2019 and what they will offer or change in 2019 as compared to other available policies.

Downsizing will also declutter your home and life as there will be removal of unnecessary things and people will be able to focus more on life and that which is important. Decluttering may also help the retirees make some extra money as they can sell the stuff by setting up a yard sale and even others can benefit from the stuff that will be sold.

Another way of downsizing is through digitizing the things such as taxes, finances, expenditures, thus, including all the things which were done through book-keeping. This computerization will ensure that a lot of official documents are saved and there is as little chance of losing them as a print out can be taken.

Moreover, a retiree should also try to engage themselves in new activities which will keep them occupied and it will help them stay active mentally and physically. Some of these activities include joining different clubs, going golfing, traveling and exploring new places, especially with family. Downsizing will allow you to easily travel and cherish life with a minimalistic approach. It will not only help retirees prioritize their life but it will also ease their lifestyles.